Whirlpool WDT970SAHV Warranty

Stainless Steel Tub Dishwasher with Third Level Rack
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IMPORTANT: For it to be used, this Certificate of Warranty must be submitted along with original purchase invoice 

of the warranted product. In Colombia, invoice will be required only where local laws so allow.  

SUGGESTION: Please register your product through the different means of contact of our Customer Service 

Center in each country, indicated in section 6 of this Certificate of Warranty.
1.  Manufacturer/Importer/Distributor/Warrantor:

For the purposes of this Certificate of Warranty, the Warrantor of warranted products will be:  

In Argentina: Whirlpool Argentina S.R.L.; In Chile: Whirlpool Chile Ltda.; in Colombia: Whirlpool Colombia 

S.A.S.; in Ecuador: Whirlpool Ecuador S.A.; in El Salvador: Whirlpool El Salvador S.A. de C.V.; in Guatemala: 

Whirlpool Guatemala S.A.; in Peru: Whirlpool Peru S.R.L.; in Puerto Rico: Whirlpool Corporation. In the 

countries mentioned above, the Warranty granted through this Certificate of Warranty is limited to products 

distributed and/or sold by the aforementioned entities, in the respective countries.  

In the countries listed in section 6 below, except for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, 

Guatemala, Peru and Puerto Rico, this Warranty is not valid without the signature and seal of the applicable 

Distributor who, for the purposes hereof, shall be directly liable to the final consumer and therefore considered 


2.  Technical specifications, installation, use, maintenance and repair conditions: 

Technical specifications for the correct identification of the product, for the adequate installation and operation 

thereof, conditions and specifications of use and repair, indications of the place where this warranty may be 

effected and the way in which the Warranty granted on this Certificate of Warranty – including any contacts 

required for the acquisition or purchase of legitimate parts – are detailed herein and in the applicable User 

Manual this document is an integral part of. Warranty claims may be submitted personally and/or by telephone 

and/or by email to the Warrantor’s Assistance Center.

3.  Warranty validity conditions, extended warranty and Beneficiary/Holder rights

•  The Beneficiary/Holder of the warranty contained in this Certificate of Warranty is entitled to demand Warrantor 

who in turn agrees to provide the Beneficiary/Holder, free of charges, with the qualified labor and spare parts 

required to repair and have the warranted product in good operational conditions – the model and serial 

number of which are indicated in section 5 hereof and/or in the product label and/or in the User Manual 

included with the product this Certificate is an integral part of -- any time the product requires intervention due 

to inconveniences or operating failure of the product or any part thereof and whenever the product fails under 

normal use conditions.

•  The term of the warranty granted hereby shall be one (1) year commencing on the date final consumer originally 

purchased the warranted product. During such period, Warrantor shall ensure free repair of the product in the 

terms indicated above. 

•  Warrantor agrees to repair the warranted product in a thirty (30) working days, period commencing on the date 

repair claim is received, except for any occasional delay in spare part shipping, whenever such spare parts 

must be brought from overseas or in the event of a lack of supply and/or existence of such spare parts for 

reasons beyond Warrantor’s control and in the event an applicable local regulation exists, the term stipulated 

therein shall apply. In any case, Beneficiary/Holder will be timely informed about any occasional delays that 

may affect the repair period of the warranted product.

•  Beneficiary/Holder of the Warranty contained in this Certificate may assign such Warranty along with the 

warranted product during the term, in which case, Warrantor will only acknowledge the remaining warranty 

term to the new Beneficiary. 

•  The validity and effectiveness of the Warranty granted hereby are subject only to home use of the warranted 

product, in compliance with other conditions established under this Certificate and to the use of warranted 

product under normal conditions in accordance with the specifications, terms and conditions contained in the 

User Manual this Certificate of Warranty is part of.

•  Additionally, the validity of this warranty is subject to using and installing the product in compliance with the 

instructions and recommendations contained in the User Manual.

•  Keep the product protected from weather factors (e.g. heat, humidity, cold, rain) making sure it is not placed 


•  Before installing or using the product, read the instruction for installation, use and maintenance contained in 

the User Manual this Certificate is part of.

4.  This Warranty of warranted product does not include:
•  Damages caused by incorrect, inappropriate or illegal installation of product.
•  Damages caused by installation and/or correction of a deficient installation effected by third parties non 

authorized by Warrantor.

•  Damages caused to the product and/or to any part and/or to spare parts thereof due to inadequate voltage, 

defective electrical facilities, and /or fluctuations of electric current.

•  Damages caused by product misuse.
•  Damages caused by foreign objects (e.g. coins, buttons, clothing accessories, etc.).
•  Damage to the Product as a result of undue use of chemical or abrasive cleaning products not intended or not 

recommended to clean electrical appliances.

•  Damage to parts made of glass, porcelain, plastic, rubber; damage to painting and in general damage 

(accidental or other) to the Product that is cosmetic due to normal wear and tear or to misuse.

•  Normal wear and tear of Product or its accessories.

•  Damages caused and/or resulting of the misuse of Product.