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Whirlpool Washers User's Manual - duet Front-Load Washer.
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Starting Your Washer

The following is a guide to using your washer. Please refer to 
specific sections of this manual for more detailed information.

Do not store laundry products on the top surface of this washer. 
Vibration is normal during operation.

First Wash Cycle Without Laundry
Before washing clothes for the first time, choose NORMAL/
CASUAL cycle and run it without clothes. After installation, if a 
complete cycle has not been run without clothes, use 

¹⁄₂ the 

normal recommended amount of powdered or liquid High 
Efficiency (HE) detergent or ¼ the normal recommended amount 
of regular powdered or liquid detergent. This initial cycle serves 
to ensure the interior is clean before washing clothes.

1. To load washer

Open the washer door by pulling on the handle.
Sort laundry according to color and type of fabric. Place a 
load of sorted clothes in the washer. Do not overload washer. 
Overloading can cause poor cleaning. 

The washer can be fully loaded, but not tightly packed. 
Washer door should close easily.

Mix large and small items. Load evenly.

It is recommended that you wash small items such as 
infant socks in a mesh garment bag. 

When unloading garments, occasionally check under the 
rubber rim at the front of the tub for small items. 

2. Close the washer door by pushing it firmly until the lock 

clicks. The washer door will remain locked during the wash 

NOTE: After any wash cycle is completed, the door must be 
opened and then closed before a new cycle can begin. The 
door can be opened only if PAUSE/CANCEL is selected while 
the ADD A GARMENT light is glowing or if the cycle has been 
cancelled. See “To Cancel a Cycle.”

3. Open the Dispenser Drawer and add laundry products to the  

detergent, bleach, or fabric softener compartments. Close 
drawer slowly to avoid spills. See “Using the Dispenser.”

NOTE: For best performance, use  High Effficiency detergents. 
The package for this type of detergent will be marked “HE” or  
“High Efficiency.” The wash action along with less water could 
create too much sudsing with a regular detergent.

4. Turn on the washer by selecting one of the wash cycles. The 

indicator light for the selected cycle will glow. When selecting 
a wash cycle, the preset cycle, Water Temp, Spin Speed, and 
soil level for the selected cycle will glow. The display shows 
the estimated time remaining. The preset settings provide the 
recommended fabric care for the selected cycle. See 

5. Select the desired OPTIONS. See “Options.”

6. If desired, select the END OF CYCLE SIGNAL. The signal is 

helpful when you are washing items that should be removed 
from the washer as soon as it stops. Select LOUDER or 

7. To begin the wash cycle


If you do not select HOLD TO START within 5 minutes of 
choosing a cycle, the washer automatically shuts off.

When the wash cycle is complete, the CYCLE 
COMPLETE  status light glows, the door unlocks, and the 
wash load can be removed from the washer. The washer 
powers down automatically 5 minutes after the cycle is 
complete. To power down the washer manually after the 
wash cycle is complete, select PAUSE/CANCEL once.

Fire Hazard

Never place items in the washer that are 
dampened with gasoline or other flammable 

No washer can completely remove oil.

Do not dry anything that has ever had any type of 
oil on it (including cooking oils).

Doing so can result in death, explosion, or fire.