Westinghouse FG6RL User's Manual

Westinghouse Furnace User's Manual - FG6RL.
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The high efficiency downflow gas furnace may be installed
free standing in a utility room, or enclosed in an alcove or
closet. The extended flush jacket provides a pleasing
“appliance appearance.” Design certified by the Canadian
Standards Association (CSA). The product is truly designed
with the contractor and the consumer in mind.
Best warranty in the business -
– A lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
– 8 Year Limited Parts and 5 Year Quality Pledge
100% fired and tested - All units and each component
(both mechanical and electrical) are tested on the
manufacturing line.
Best packaging in the industry - Unique design assures
product will arrive to the homeowner dent free.
Clean and quiet operation - Due to the unique design of
in-shot burners, location of inducer, return air vents, and
use of insulation.
Fixed 30 second blower delay at burner start-up assures
a warm duct temperature at furnace start-up. Adjustable
blower off settings (60, 120, 160 and 180 seconds).
Fixed 30 second post purge increases life of heat
Control Board — Provides extended life to
ignitors in furnaces using hot surface ignition technology.
Programmed to learn the heat-up characteristics of the
ignitor, then adapt the ignition time to the characteristics
of the furnace so the ignitor is energized appropriately.
Dependable, hot surface ignitor - Innovative application
of an appliance type ignitor with a 20 year history of
reliability, assures no callbacks because of handling.
Color coded wire harness - Designed to fit the
components, all with quick-connect fittings for ease of
service and replacement.
Tubular primary heat exchanger - Heavy gauge
aluminized steel heat exchanger assures a long life.
Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger assures long
90-second fixed cooling cycle blower-off delay (TDR)
increases cooling performance when matched with a
Approved for direct vent furnace, category IV venting
system – May be vertically or horizontally vented using
either a one-pipe or two-pipe system for maximum flexibility
in installation.
Fully insulated blower cabinet for quiet operation.
Multi-speed direct drive blower - Designed to give a
wide range of cooling capacities. 40VA transformer included.
LP convertible - Simple burner orifice and regulator spring
change for ease of convertibility.
Diagnostic light flashes identify limit failure, pressure
switch failure and improper ground and polarization -
for easy troubleshooting.
Incorporates integrated control board with connections
for electronic air cleaner, humidifier and twinning.
Factory installed drain system for reliable performance.
Door design enhances furnace appearance and uses
screw fasteners for great fit and accessibility.
3 amp fuse protection against high and low voltage shorts;
protects transformer and control board.
Low voltage terminal board for easy field wiring.
Components and Controls - Designing quality into our
products means selecting manufacturers that have a
reputation for delivering high quality, dependable products.
FG6RL Series
High Efficiency / Direct Vent or Non Direct Vent
Condensing Downflow Gas Furnace
Induced Draft - 92.1 AFUE Input 40,000 - 120,000 Btuh