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Solar-Divicon Pumping 

and Heat Transfer Stations
for Closed Loop Solar Systems


9443412 v1.0   09/2010



Typical System Layouts

Solar-Divicon-HX Solar-Divicon

Pumping and heat transfer station for a closed loop solar circuit. 
Incorporates a double-wall heat exchanger for transferring heat 
to the domestic hot water (DHW) storage tank.

 Large double wall stainless steel heat exchanger with 

   visible leak detection

 Available in two sizes

 Pre-assembled and wired

 Includes 3-speed solar loop pump, 3-speed DHW 

   pump, double-wall heat exchanger and solar controller 

Pumping station for a closed loop solar circuit connected to a 
solar tank with an internal coil heat exchanger.

 Suitable for residential and commercial flow requirements

 Available in two sizes

 Pre-assembled and wired

 Includes 3-speed solar loop pump and 3-speed DHW pump

 Optional mounting bracket available for SCU solar controls


Solar heat is transferred 
to solar tank via integrated 
double wall heat exchanger
Integrated solar control 
operates solar pump and 
DHW pump
Uses any standard DHW
storage tank
DHW storage tank with upper 
electric element creates 
a “one tank” solar system

Solar heat is transferred 
to internal heat exchanger 
coil of solar tank
External solar control operates 
solar pump
Uses Vitocell-V/B DHW
storage tank complete with
internal heat exchanger coil
Dual coil tank complete 
with boiler back-up provide 
a “one tank” solar system


 Essential link between high-performance solar collectors 

   and the storage tank

 Two models available

 Pre-assembled with high-quality brass fittings and essential 

   safety devices

 Leak tested and fully-insulated

 Wall-mounted and compact

Ensure maximum system performance and reliability with 
a Solar-Divicon Station from Viessmann. Choose from a full 
range of Stations to satisfy a variety of solar applications.



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