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Proper Maintenance – Gas Furnaces
Air Filters
Clean the filter once a month for optimum performance. A 
monthly visual inspection of the furnace is also recommended. 
See General Inspection on page 9, number 1.
NOTE: Filters are NOT included with all Furnaces, however; the 
Furnace should never be run without a filter.

A clean filter saves money.
When the furnace circulates and filters the air in your home, dust 
and dirt particles build up on the filter. Excessive accumulation 
can block the airflow, forcing the unit to work harder to maintain 
desired temperatures.
And the harder your unit has to work, the more energy it 
uses. So you pay more any time your system is running with 
a dirty filter.

Help ensure top efficiency by cleaning the filter once a month. 
Clean it twice a month during seasons when the unit runs 
more often.
You can clean the filter with a 
vacuum, OR you can wash it with 
a household detergent. 
NOTE: Not all aftermarket filters 
can be washed with a household 
detergent. See the instructions 
supplied by the aftermarket filter 
When replacing your furnace filters, always use a high velocity 
type which are the same size as originally supplied. Filters are 
available from your dealer.
Where disposable filters are used, they must be a high velocity 
type which are the same size as originally supplied.

How to remove the filter from your Gas Furnace.

Never operate your unit for either heating or cooling with 

filters removed.

Upflow furnaces use a high velocity type air filter which may 
be located within the furnace blower compartment in either a 
BOTTOM or SIDE (left or right) return air inlet. The filter may be 
secured with filter retaining brackets (as shown) or a filter rack.
To clean or replace filters, remove blower access door, slide the 
filter from the filter rack or remove the filter from the retaining 
brackets. After cleaning, replace the filter in the same manner, 
making sure that the filter is secured in place in both the front and 
back filter retaining brackets, if present, or that the filter is securely 

For vertical UPFLOW ONLY, a left  
or right return air inlet as above 
(left side shown) requires 
trimming of the factory supplied 
filter to 17" x 25" x 1" for both the 
21" and 24-1/2" wide furnaces.
Air filters may also be located 
outside of the furnace using a side 
filter frame.

Upflow/Horizontal Furnace Filters
The Upflow/Horizontal furnace when installed horizontally 
requires a horizontal filter kit. The filters may be located remote 
to the furnace or in the return air duct near the furnace. Check 
with your dealer for the location of your filters.
An upflow/horizontal furnace in horizontal return air filter 
application, as shown, features two 16" x 20" x 1" filters in the 
17-1/2", 21" and 24-1/2" wide furnace cabinets.
To replace filters, remove the filter access door, lift the filter 
from the lower bracket and shift the filter to the side to free the 
top filter from the bracket and slide the filters out through the 
filter access door. After cleaning, replace the filters in the same 
manner making sure that the filters are secured in place in both 
top and bottom filter brackets. Replace filter access door.

Disconnect power to unit before removing blower door. Failure 

to follow this warning could result in property damage, personal 

injury or death.

Upflow Bottom Return


Upflow Side Return



Upflow Only

Your filter may 

or may not be 


slid al  the way into the filter rack. Replace blower access door. A 
bottom return air inlet as shown features a 17" x 25" x 1" filter in 
the 17-1/2" wide furnace; cabinets; a 20" x 25" x 1" filter in the 21" 
wide models; and a 24" x 25" x 1" filter in the 24-1/2" wide cabinet.

With Filter Kit


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