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Trane Misc Electronics Owner's Manual - XL80.
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 6. CIRCUITPROTECTION–Ifblowerorgasvalvefailto

operate, the cause could be the circuit breaker or a loose 
or blown fuse. Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker.

 7. OPERATION–Yourwarmairfurnaceshouldnotbe

cleaning chemicals, spray propellants, and bleaches 
should not be used in the vicinity of the furnace during 
normal operation.

 8. CONDENSATEDRAINS–Ifyouhaveacoolingcoilinstalled

with your furnace, condensate drains should be checked 
and cleaned periodically to assure that condensate can 
drain freely from coil to drain. If condensate cannot drain 
freely water damage could occur. Furnace drain should also 
be checked and cleaned at the start of each heating season.

 9. AIRCIRCULATION–Toensureincreasedcomfort,the

blower on this unit may be operated continuously for both 
heating and cooling. This will result in constantly filtered air 
and aid in maintaining more even temperatures by avoiding 
temperature stratification throughout the conditioned area. 
To accomplish constant air circulation, set your comfort 
simply feels uncomfortably humid, it is recommended that 

 4. BURNER–Gasburnersdonotnormallyrequirescheduled

servicing, however, accumulation of foreign material 
may cause a yellowing flame or delayed ignition. Either 
condition indicates that a service call is required. For 
best operation, burners must be cleaned annually using 
brushes and vacuum cleaner.

Turn off gas and electric power supply. To clean burners, remove 
top burner bracket and lift burner from orifice. 
NOTE: Be careful not to break igniter when removing burners.
Clean burners with brush and/ or vacuum cleaner. Reassemble 
parts by reversal of the above procedure.
NOTE: On LP (propane) units, some light yellow tipping of the 
outer mantle is normal. Inner mantle should be bright blue. 
Natural gas units should not have any yellow tipped flames. 
This condition indicates that a service call is required. For best 
operation, burners must be cleaned annually using brushes and 
vacuum cleaner.
NOTE: On LP (propane) units, due to variations in BTU content 
and altitude, servicing may be required at shorter intervals.

inspected for signs of corrosion, and/ or deterioration 
at the beginning of each heating season by a qualified 
service technician and cleaned annually for best 

Regular Dealer Maintenance

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