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Trane Misc Electronics Owner's Manual - XB80.
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Proper Maintenance – Gas Furnaces
Air filters may also be located 
outside of the furnace using a 
remote filter grille. The filter grille 
could be in a hallway, wall, or in the 
ceiling. Check with your dealer for 
the exact location of your filter and 
the method of changing the filters.
Downflow/Horizontal furnaces are 
factory supplied with 2 standard 
size permanent type air filters 
which may be located remote 
to the furnace or in the return air 
duct. Check with your dealer for the 
location of your filters.

A downflow/horizontal furnace return air filter application, as 
shown, features two 14" x 20" x 1" filters in the 17-1/2" wide 
furnace cabinets; or two 16" x 20" x 1" filters in the 21" and 
24-1/2" wide furnace cabinets.
For regular dealer maintenance please refer to


With Filter Kit

Before you call for service, check the following:

Possible cause

Possible Remedy

No heating –  

Blower does not operate

1. Thermostat set incorrectly

2.  Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker

3. Defective component

4. Burner does not ignite

5. Main gas line turned off

6. Blower door removed or ajar

7. Lockout

1.  Adjust thermostat. See operating instructions.

2.  Replace or reset protective device or call for servicer

3.  Most controls are automatic and will recycle. If your unit 

still does not operate call for servicer.

4. Call servicer

5. Have gas company check

6.  Close door securely to restore power to blower  

and gas valve

7.  Turn power on‑off‑on‑off twice in 30 seconds

Insufficient heating or cooling

1. Dirty filters

2. Air not circulating freely

3. Blocked outdoor coil

1. Clean or replace

2.  Check supply registers and return grills for blockage

3.  Clear away leaves or other debris

No Heat – Vent motor is running

1.  Restricted or plugged furnace  

condensate drain

1.  Remove drain clamps to condensate trap  

and drain pan outlet

2. Flush or clean drain blockage

3. Reinstall clamps

Unusual Noise

Call your local servicer

The Problem Solver – Gas Furnaces

NOTE: Improperly sized vents can cause the formation of 
condensate, combustion gas leakage and spillage, and an 
inoperable furnace.
A furnace is not a household appliance. It is complex and 
requires professional maintenance and repair. Attempts at 
“do-it-yourself” repairs on an in-warranty unit may void the 
remainder of your warranty.

Other than performing the simple maintenance recommended 
in this manual, you should not attempt to make any adjustments 
to your furnace. Your dealer will be able to take care of any 
questions or problems you may have. A periodic inspection of 
your furnace should be made by a qualified service agency at 
the start of each heating season.
In the event that electrical, fuel, or mechanical failures occur, 
immediately turn the gas supply off at the manual gas valve located 
on the gas pipe leading to the furnace before turning off electrical 
power to the furnace. Contact a qualified service agency.

Keep your furnace looking like new for years.
Clean the enamel finish of your furnace with ordinary soap and 
water. For stubborn grease spots, use a household detergent. 
Lacquer thinner or other synthetic solvents may damage the finish.

DO not attempt to change the venting system. Failure to 

follow the installation and operation instructions for the 

venting system’s operation could result in carbon monoxide 

poisoning or death.

Downflow Filter


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