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Suzuki Automobile Owner's Manual - Alto.
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Maruti Suzuki offers the Emission Warranty on all Maruti Suzuki vehicles (apart from the Regular warranty and will run parallel

to the regular product warranty) only in four metropolitan cities (New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai) with effect from
July 1st, 2001.


The Emission Warranty will be applicable for 80,000 kms or 3 years (Which ever comes earlier) from the date of delivery to

the first owner. The remaining warranty terms will be valid in case of any change in ownership provided the production of all
valid document.



Under Emission Warranty, Warranty claims will be admitted for a prima facie examination, in case vehicle fails to meet to the

Emission Standard as specified in sub rule (2) of rule no. 115 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR), 1989.


The warranty claims will only be accepted after examination carried out by Maruti Suzuki or it's dealer which leads to firm conclusions

that the

a) Original settings have not been tempered in any case.

b) Part (as given in Annexure-A) has a manufacturing defect.

c) Vehicle is unable to meet the Emission Standards (as given in 1.), inspite of the vehicle having been maintained and used

in accordance with the instructions as specified in Owner's Manual and Service Booklet and the used fuel and different oils
(Engine oil, Transmission oil, Brake oil etc.) are also as per specification.


The method of examination for deciding the warranty of the parts will be at the sole discretion of Maruti Suzuki and it's dealer

and results of the examination will be final and binding. If after examination, the warrantable condition is not established, Maruti
Suzuki and it's dealer has the right to charge all, or part of the cost of such examination.


Under Emission Warranty, the parts (as given in Annexure-A) will be changed free of cost, but the consumables will be charged

as per actual.


If the part covered under Emission Warranty or the associated parts, are not independently replaceable, on account of these being

integral parts a complete assembly, Maruti Suzuki and it's dealer will have the sole discretion to replace entire assembly or by
using some of the parts of the system through suitable repair or modifications.