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Starbucks Barista Coffee Makers Operation Manual - SIN 006.
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Dispensing hot water

Place a tea cup or glass under the

steam/hot water arm (7).

Open the steam/hot water knob (8). Hot
water will automatically be dispensed. To stop
the flow of hot water, turn the knob (8) off.

Danger of burns!
Use caution when dispensing hot

water, as small spurts of hot water may
occur. The steam arm becomes hot. Do
not touch it with bare hands.

Dispensing Steam

Press the steam button (6). The green “rea-
dy” light (2) will turn off until the machine
reaches the correct temperature. Then the
light (2) will come on again.

Point the steam arm (7) over the drip

tray (9), open the steam/hot water knob
(8) for a few seconds to release any ac-
cumulated water. After a few seconds, ste-
am will be produced. Close the knob (8).

Place a cup or a frothing pitcher un-

der the steam arm. Immerse the steam
arm into the liquid and open the knob (8).
Gently and slowly rotate the cup or pi-
tcher, using up and down motions to uni-
formly heat the liquid. To stop the steaming
function, close the knob (8) and turn off
the steam button (6).

Danger of burns!
Use caution w hen using the

steam arm. It becomes hot. Do not touch
it with bare hands.


Before cleaning the machine,
always make sure the machine is

off and that the power cord is unplugged.
Allow the machine to cool.

Do not immerse the machine into water
or any other fluids. Do not wash any parts
of the machine in the dishwasher.

Do not use abrasive detergents or
chemical agents to clean the

machine or its parts.

It is recommended to rinse out the

water tank (1) and refill it with fresh water

After heating milk always draw some

hot water to clean the steam arm.

Wipe the external housing of the ma-

chine periodically with a clean, damp,
non-abrasive cloth.

Follow the steps below to clean the

filter holder:
• Remove the filter (A) from the filter hol-

der.  Place the filter in hot water and
wash it gently.

• Clean the inside of the filter holder ca-

refully to avoid damaging the pin and
the sealing ring.


• Scale normally forms while the machine

is being used; descaling is necessary every
4-6 months of use or whenever you
observe a decrease in water flow.

If you wish to descale the machine

yourself, you may use any commercially
available non-toxic and/or non-harmful
descaling agent for coffee machines.

Warning! Never use vinegar as a
descaling agent.

Mix the descaling agent with water

as directed on the package and pour
the solution into the water container;
place the water container inside the

• Turn on the machine by pressing the

main power switch.

• Position the steam tube over the drip


Empty the entire contents from the

water container at intervals (one cup at a
time), by turning the steam knob
counterclockwise; to cut off flow turn the
knob (8) clockwise.

• During each interval, allow the descaling

agent to act for about 10-15 minutes.

When all the descaling agent has

been used up, take out the water
container, rinse it out and fill it with fresh
drinking water.

Place the container back inside the

machine; empty out 2/3 of the water in
the container by turning the steam knob
counterclockwise; to cut off floe turn the
knob clockwise.

Let the machine heat up and empty

out the water remaining in the container
by turning the steam knob
counterclockwise; to cut off flow turn the
knob clockwise.

Should you use a descaling agent other
than the one recommended you are
advised in any case to follow the
manufacturer’s directions on the package.


Regular maintenance of your machine by
an authorized service center will prolong
the life and reliability of the machine. Keep
the original box and packing material for

Miscellaneous information

• This instruction manual contains informa-

tion necessary for the correct and safe
use and maintenance of the machine.

• The information provided and the ob-

servance of the instructions in this in-
struction manual provide the basis for
safe use during the operation and main-
tenance of the machine.

• For any information not contained in this

manual, or for further clarifications regar-
ding the instructions, please contact an
authorized service center, the purcha-
se place of the machine, or the manu-

• This instruction manual does not consti-

tute part of a previous or pre-existing
agreement or legal contract and its
content is not affected by any such
agreements or contracts. . All responsi-
bilities of the manufacturer are based
on the relative sales contract which
contains the complete and exclusive
warranty conditions for the machine
which are neither limited nor extended
by this explanation.

• This instruction manual is copyrighted.

It is prohibited to photocopy or translate
this manual or parts thereof without
prior wr itten per mission from the

Disposal of machine

• If the machine is to be disposed of for

some reason, render it non-usable by
cutting the power cord.

• Before cutting the power cord, make

sure it is no longer plugged in.

• Bring your non-usable machine to an

appropriate disposal center.