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Starbucks Barista Coffee Makers Operation Manual - SIN 006.
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Controls and machine parts - set up

 Water tank
 Green “ready” light
 Main switch
 Filter holder mounting
 Coffee button
 Steam button
 Steam arm
 Steam/hot water knob
 Drip tray and grill

10  Cover
11  Power cord
12  Water tank funnel
13  Accessories box


 Filter holder


Set-up precautions

Before setting up the machine, heed
the following safety precautions:
• place the machine in a safe place;
• keep children away from the


• do not place the machine on hot

surfaces or near open flames.

The machine is now ready to be set up.

Connection to the Power Supply

Electrical current can be dangerous,
therefore the safety precautions must be
rigorously respected.

The espresso machine should be
plugged into a suitable electrical

outlet only.

Make sure the power of the
electrical outlet corresponds to

the power indicated on the rating plate
of the machine.

Never use defective power cords
or plugs. Defective parts must be

replaced immediately by authorized
service personnel.

Warning!   If an extension cord is used,
make sure that it has a minimum diameter
of 1 mm² and that it has a three-pole
outlet/ plug.

The voltage of the machine has been set
during production at the factory. Make
sure that the voltage of the power mains
corresponds to that on the rating plate
underneath the machine.

Make sure that the main switch (3) is in
the “0” position before plugging the
machine into the electrical outlet.


The original box and packing materials
have been constructed specifically to
protect the machine during shipping. It is
recommended to keep the box and
packing materials for future shipping.

For your own safety and that of
others, carefully heed all safety

precautions indicated on pages 22 and 23.

Filling water tank

• Remove the drip tray (9) and accesso-

ries box (13).

Remove the water tank by pulling it

our from the front of the machine.

Rinse the tank and fill it with fresh

water. Avoid overfilling the tank.

Replace the water tank. Make sure

the water tube hangs straight into the tank.
Do not bend the tube.
• Replace the drip tray (9) and accesso-

ries box (13).

The water tank also can be filled without
removing the tank.
Simply pour water into the water tank fun-
nel (12).

Always fill water tank only with
fresh, non-sparkling water. Never

fill with hot water or other liquids that could
damage the tank.

Never use the machine without
water. Before turning the machine

on, always make sure that the water tank
is filled.

Priming the system

Before the first use of the machine, after a
prolonged period without use, whenever
the water tank has run completely dry, or
after drawing steam the system must be

Direct the steam arm on the drip tray.

Open the steam/hot water knob (8) until a
steady stream of water is dispensed. Close
the knob. Insert the filter holder (G) into the
brew head (4) to pre-heat the filter holder.
The machine is now ready to dispense

Brewing espresso

Press the main switch (3) and wait for the
green light (2) to come on. This indicates
that the machine has reached the proper

Put 1 or 2 doses of ground coffee in

the filter, without pressing it, in order to
obtain 1 or 2 espresso servings.

With the special “Crema” (G) filter holder
supplied with the machine it is not
necessary to change the filter for one or
two servings.

Insert the filter holder into the brew

head, turning from left to right until it locks
into place.
Release the handle of the filter holder.
The filter holder will automatically move
slightly to the left.
This movement guaran-tees the perfect
operation of the filter holder.

Place the one or two cups on the drip

tray (9) below the filter holder ensuring that
they are correctly positioned under the
coffee spouts.
Make sure that the green “ready” light (2)
is on then press the coffee button (5).

When the cups contain the desired
amount of coffee, press the coffee button
(5) to stop the dispensing.

Wait a few seconds, then remove the filter
holder and  empty the used grounds.

Cleaning hint: keep the filter of the filter
holder clean by removing it and washing
it with water.

Choosing the quality of the coffee

As a general rule all types of coffee on the
market can be used, however, since cof-
fee is a natural product and its flavor chan-
ges according to its origin and blend, it is
advisable to try different types in order to
find the one that best suits your personal
For the best results we recommend using
a blend which is specifically prepared for
espresso machines.