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Starbucks Barista Coffee Makers Operation Manual - SIN 006.
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Never place electr ical par ts of the
machine in or near water: danger of
electrical shock!
Do not use the upper cover for heating

Intended usage

This espresso machine has been manufac-
tured for household use only. Do not use
the machine for any other purpose or at-
tempt to carry out technical modifications
to the machine.

A  Power supply

The machine should be plugged into a
suitable electrical outlet only.  Make sure
the power of the electrical outlet corre-
sponds to the power indicated on the ra-
ting plate of the machine.

B  Power cord

If the power cord is damaged, do not at-
tempt to use the machine. Contact your
local dealer or an authorized service cen-
ter for the replacement of defective
power cords or plugs. Make sure the
power cord is not placed near hot or sharp
surfaces. Do not allow the cord to hang
freely from tables or shelves and do not
place the cord near oil. Do not pull on the
cord to move the machine. Do not yank
on the cord to unplug the machine. Ne-
ver touch the power cord with wet han-

  Keep out of the reach of small chil-

This espresso machine should be used only
by adults who have read this instruction
manual. Do not allow small children to play
near or with the machine.

 Location of the machine.

Place the machine on a stable, flat surfa-
ce where it will not be knocked over and
cause injury.  Be aware that the machine
makes hot water and steam: danger of
 Do not place the machine outside
or near hot surfaces or open flames in or-

der to avoid damage to same.

 Danger of burns.

Avoid pointing steam or hot water toward
the body or hands. Always handle poten-
tially hot parts by the appropriate knobs
or levers. Touch the spouts only in the are-
as fitted with anti-burn protective devices.
Do not use the upper cover for heating

E  Cleaning

Before cleaning the machine, make sure
that the machine is turned off and that
the power cord is unplugged. Wait until the
machine has cooled. Never immerse the
machine in water. Do not attempt to di-
sassemble or modify any internal compo-
nents of the machine.

F  Area around the machine

For the proper functioning of the machine,
it is recommended:
• to place the machine on a stable, flat


• to place the machine in a clean, well-lit

area with an easily accessible electrical

• to allow enough space around the

machine, as shown in the diagram.

 Storing the machine

When the machine is not in use, unplug
the power cord. Place the machine in a
clean, dry, dust-free area, out of the rea-
ch of children.

 Repairs / Maintenance

In the case of suspected operational pro-
blems, defects or faults, unplug the ma-
chine immediately. Never attempt to use
a defective machine. Do not attempt to
repair the machine yourself
. Repairs should
be carried out only by authorized service
centers. The manufacturer declines any
responsibility for the machine and its com-
ponents and accessories for repairs made
by unauthorized personnel.


Do not use the machine in an area near
explosive objects. In the case of a fire, use
carbon dioxide (CO

²) based extinguisher.

Do not use water or powder extinguishers.

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