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Sony Door User's Manual - SCHLAGE LINK BE369.
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Replacing the Batteries
BE369 Deadbolt

a.  Remove cover screws.
b.  Remove screw on upper left to release upper battery tray. 

Hold battery tray in place while loosening screw.

c.  Upper battery tray will be released. Fully remove tray and 

remove three old AA batteries.

d.  Remove 9V battery. 
e.  Remove the 9V connector from the old 9V battery.

Replace all batteries with new, high-quality batteries. 
Reverse steps to replace battery tray and cover. Be careful 
not to pinch wires when replacing the cover.

FE599 Lever Lock

a.  Remove cover screws.
b.  Remove cover.
c.  Remove battery cover.
d.  Remove four old AA batteries.
e.  Replace batteries with 4 new, high-quality AA batteries. 

Reverse steps to replace the battery cover and lock cover.

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