Sony DSLR-A380L How to Use

Sony Cameras How to Use - DSLR-A380L.
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by Nigel Barker
Professional Photographer

This PDF is designed to fit in your 

camera carrying case. Simply 

print it out, then trim and fold 

along the lines to create your very 

own handy reference guide.

Step 1:
Cut out around outline

Step 2:
Fold top half back 

Step 3:
Fold left side back

Get Down To Their Level.

Take shots from the baby’s 

perspective. For more 

interesting shots, get down 

on your knees or lie on the 

floor. With a large LCD screen, 

you can easily see the image 

while navigating your camera’s 

different setting and modes. 

Be Prepared. Always have fresh 

batteries and an extra memory 

card ready to go.

Work With Existing Light. It’s 

hard enough to get kids to sit 

still without having to shine 

extra lights on them. Play with 

the setting on your camera to 

get great shots, even in lower 

light situations.

Take Close-Up Shots And you 
don’t have to be… up close. 
Many of the newer cameras 
have very good optical zoom 
lenses. That way, you can 
capture an expression in great 
detail, without distracting the 

How to take great  

baby photos.

Eliminate Background Clutter. 

Keeping the background clean 

and clutter free helps keep the 

focus on the baby.

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