Sony DSC-W570/S Marketing Specifications

Sony Cameras Marketing Specifications - DSC-W570/S.
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Compact camera w/720p movie/25mm lens





Rich features and value all in a slim design with the Sony DSC-W570. Capture your videos in 720P HD 
and use Sweep Panorama™  mode for breathtaking images. Add more features like 16.1 MP, 2.7” 
LCD for easy viewing iAuto, and Optical SteadyShot™  image stabilization and this camera is jam 
packed with everything you need.





720p MP4 HD Movie Mode
In 720p MP4 movie mode the camera 
shoots 1280 x 720 high definition 
movies at 30 fps, a standard format 
when working with a PC. Users will 
create high quality movies with full use 
of optical zoom in files small enough 
to transfer to compatible PC or Mac

computer. Once transferred to your 

computer and connected to the internet, 
you can effortlessly upload your media 
to popular photo and video-sharing 
websites such as Photobucket and 
YouTube™ .



Sweep Panorama™  mode 
Reach beyond the traditional wide 
angle lens, and capture more 
breathtaking shots with Sweep 
Panorama™  mode. Simply press the 
shutter button and sweep the camera in 
the desired direction and the camera 
continuously shoots at a high speed, 
then seamlessly stitches the images 
together with automatic position 
adjustment to create one stunning 
panoramic image. Available in wide 
and ultra-wide options, the camera can 
take panoramic shots of up to 235 
degrees. Now capturing wide 
landscapes is as easy as press and 

16.1 Megapixel Super HAD™  CCD 
Image Sensor
A powerful 16.1 megapixel ½ .3” Super 
HAD™  CCD image sensor helps you 
capture gorgeous images with superb 
contrast and clarity down to the finest 
detail. With 16.1 megapixels, you can 
create stunning, photo-quality prints up 
to A3+ (13x19”) size, or crop your 
images and still come away with high 
resolution shots.

2.7” Clear Photo™  LCD display (230K 
2.7” (230K dots) Clear Photo™  LCD 
display features sharp, natural color 
that makes it easy to compose shots, 
read menus, and view photos, even in 
bright sunlight.

Optical SteadyShot™  image 
Optical SteadyShot™  image 
stabilization uses a built-in gyro sensor 
to detect camera shake and 
automatically shifts the lens to help 
prevent blur without sacrificing image 

Intelligent Auto Mode
Unlike traditional auto mode, Intelligent 
Auto (iAuto) mode thinks for you, 
recognizing scenes, lighting conditions, 
faces, and adjusts settings resulting in 
clear images, faces with natural skin 
tone and less blur. Take advantage of 
all the technology without leaving Auto 
mode. Kids on the playground, 
landscape shots, a beautiful flower or 
an indoor birthday party; result in clear 
images without leaving auto mode.

Soft Skin mode
Portrait subjects will love the results. Soft 
Skin mode recognizes skin tones and 
reduces the appearance of blemishes 
and wrinkles without affecting the rest of 
the shot.

Natural Flash
Conventional point-and-shoot camera 
flash shots just don't capture colors the 
way the eye sees them. Natural Flash 
mode takes a reference shot without 
flash and then uses that reference to 
correct the color, for far more lifelike 

Self-Portrait Timer
Self-Portrait Timer helps take the 
guesswork out of self portraits by 
utilizing Face Detection technology to 
recognize when your face enters the 
frame. Once the camera detects your 
face, it triggers a 2-second timer, and 
then snaps a picture.

In camera guide
Take all the guesswork out of 
photography with the in camera guide. 
Its convenient step by step instructions 
lead you to the perfect shot.

Face Detection technology
Face Detection technology detects up 
to eight individual faces and adjusts 
focus, exposure, and white balance to 
help deliver crisp, properly lit images of 
family and friends.

Smile Shutter™  technology 
Smile Shutter™  technology captures a 
smile the moment it happens. Simply 
press the Smile Shutter™  button and the 
camera does the rest. You can also 
select adult and child priority and 
indicate the degree of Smile Detection 
sensitivity. Intelligent Scene Recognition 
can now be used together with Smile 
Shutter™  mode when the Intelligent 
Auto mode is on. This means that 
beautiful smiles can be captured with 
settings optimized for the particular 
scene, even in difficult conditions such 
as twilight and backlighting.


Carl Zeiss

Vario-Tessar Lens with 

25mm wide angle 5x Optical Zoom



Anti-blink Function

Dynamic Range Optimizer Standard 
and Plus

Intelligent Scene Recognition (iSCN) 

High Sensitivity Mode (ISO 3200)

Easy Shooting Mode

In-Camera Retouching Tools


Includes Sony

PMB (Picture Motion 

Browser) Software ver. 5.3


Includes Sony PMB Portable software