Sony DSC-W220/B How to Use

Sony Cameras How to Use - DSC-W220/B.
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by Nigel Barker
Professional Photographer

This PDF is designed to fit in your 

camera carrying case. Simply 

print it out, then trim and fold 

along the lines to create your very 

own handy reference guide.

Step 1:
Cut out around outline

Step 2:
Fold top half back 

Step 3:
Fold left side back

Shoot Cool Angles. Shoot 

from low angles to make 

small objects the hero of your 

shot. Shoot through crowds to 

capture movement. Zoom in 

for expressions full of emotion 

and use your camera’s tiltable 

screen to help you see the 

angles you are shooting. 

Let The Kids Move Around. 

Your subjects will relax and the 

shots you capture will be much 

more natural. Some cameras 

feature an LCD screen which 

lets you see the action in real 

time. rom kids playing before 

the party to the pre-game 

huddle, you’re always ready to 

capture the moments.

Work With Existing Light. 

Play with the camera’s ISO 

settings to ensure you get great 
shots in low-light situations.

Or use the fill flash option  
when shooting indoor action.

How to take great  

kids photos.

Let The Kids Have Fun. For 

relaxed, natural shots, let your 

subjects have fun and move 

around. This works especially 

well with kids and pets. 

Steady Your Shot. Feel free to 

move around your subjects, but 

make sure to manually stabilize 

your camera by cupping your 

hands around it. Some cameras 

have built-in features which 

minimize blur from shaky hands.

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