Sony DSC-T900/R How to Use

Sony Cameras How to Use - DSC-T900/R.
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by Nigel Barker
Professional Photographer

This PDF is designed to fit in your 

camera carrying case. Simply 

print it out, then trim and fold 

along the lines to create your very 

own handy reference guide.

Step 1:
Cut out around outline

Step 2:
Fold top half back 

Step 3:
Fold left side back

Use Creative Angles. Get down 

low and let the action come to 

you. Try shooting down into the 

action or shooting through the 

crowd to capture the emotion 

of the event.

Stop The Action. When 

shooting sports or other 

fast moving action like pets 

and kids, stop the action by 

manually adjusting to a fast 

shutter speed. This maximizes 

detail while minimizing blur. 

And making those adjustments 

is easy with the help of the 

menu screen.

Scene Selection Mode. There’s 

often a sports setting that you 

can use to capture the moment. 

If your camera doesn’t have 

this feature, play around with 

the settings and try them out at 

a practice.

Be Prepared. Always have fresh 

batteries and an extra memory 

card ready to go. 

How to take great  

sports shots.

Follow The Action. Some 

cameras feature preset modes 

that let you see the perfect 

adjustment for any situation 

right on the LCD screen. 

Or play with your camera’s 

settings before the big game 

or event to determine the best 

shutter speed. 

Did You Know? Shutter speed is just another fancy term 

for how sharp or blurry you want your action shots to be.

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