Sony DSC-T900/B How to Use

Sony Cameras How to Use - DSC-T900/B.
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by Nigel Barker
Professional Photographer

This PDF is designed to fit in your 

camera carrying case. Simply 

print it out, then trim and fold 

along the lines to create your very 

own handy reference guide.

Step 1:
Cut out around outline

Step 2:
Fold top half back 

Step 3:
Fold left side back

Capture The Moments. Tell the 

story by taking shots of arriving 

guests, capture expressions as 

the cake is brought out, even 

take behind-the-scenes shots 

of the kids sitting and playing. 

Some cameras feature an LCD 

screen which lets you see the 

action in real time, and this adds 

a personal level to your shots.

Be Prepared. Always have 

charged batteries and an extra 

memory card ready to go.

Work With Existing Light. In 

low light, start by adjusting ISO 

to a higher setting. This works 

especially well when shooting 

birthday candles and twilight 

Or use the fill flash option  
when shooting indoor action  
like blowing out the birthday 

How to take great  

birthday photos.

Add Artistic Touches. Create 

visual effects by selecting 

preset modes on your camera, 

or manually adjusting the 

aperture, trying different 

angles or shooting through 

objects like tree branches, 

windows or even balloons. 

Did You Know? Aperture is a fancy word that simply 

means how blurry you want to make your background.

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