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Smart Technologies Automobile Accessories User's Manual - fortwo 450.
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Extinguishing vehicle fires

Guidelines for Rescue Services, smart, 2006




Extinguish fires in accordance with the guidelines of the professional fire services!


Magnesium is increasingly being used in safety

relevant reinforcement structures in the body. 

For example, the instrument panel structure in 

smart vehicles is made of magnesium.

When combatting fires within the vehicle's inte

rior and in the area around the instrument panel, 

it is therefore vital to observe the special 

instructions issued by the fire department with 

respect to the materials employed in these areas!

Magnesium is a Class D flammable material 
according to the EN2 European Standard on 

"flammable materials of various kinds".

Restraint systems:

If a fire breaks out inside the vehicle, it may acti

vate any untriggered front airbags, sidebags and 

windowbags or the pyrotechnical emergency 

tensioning retractors.

Gas generators are designed to ignite as soon as 

the temperature inside the gas generator 

reaches 160  180° C.In such cases the ignition 

squib and the solid fuel burn without destroying 

the gas generator. During combustion a specific 

volume of gas is released at a specific pressure.

When the front airbags, sidebags, 
windowbags and emergency tensioning 

retractors are triggered, controlled 

combustion takes place. The components do not 



The gas generators of the windowbags are filled 

not with solid fuel, but with compressed gas.

The compressed gas generators of the 
windowbags must not be cut, as otherwise the 

compressed gas may suddenly escape! 

Before cutting the corresponding body 
panels the inner paneling of the A, B or Cpillars 

must be removed using a suitable tool and the 

exact installation location of the gas generators 


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