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Smart Technologies Automobile Accessories User's Manual - fortwo 450.
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Guidelines for Rescue Services, smart, 2006



Dear reader,

One of DaimlerChrysler's top priorities has tradi
tionally been to guarantee the highest possible 
standards of safety. This emphasis on safety is 
especially pronounced also in vehicles of the 
"smart" brand, the ultracompact line within the 
Mercedes Car Group.

Our comprehensive safety concept also extends to 
providing you, the rescue crews, with specific infor
mation about our vehicles and their safety systems. 
The top priority of the rescue crew is to save lives. 
You must be able to gain access to the accident 
victims as quickly as possible without exposing 
yourselves or the victims to additional dangers.

This is why we are providing you, the specialist, with 
this vital and reliable information. The object is to 
foster familiarity with the structures and safety 
systems in the individual vehicle versions and 
various model series. The automobiles manufactured 
by smart differ from conventional cars in a number 
of respects. This guideline manual responds to this 
fact by serving up information compiled especially 
for the use of rescue personnel. It describes the 
relevant technical features incorporated in the 
smart city coupé, smart roadster and smart forfour 
model series.

Because the concept behind the sportoriented 
roadster has been largely derived from the city 
coupé, the two share a number of common features:

• Steel body with plastic paneling

• Aluminum doors

• Roof  concepts

• Location of drive unit and tank etc.

This guide is intended to assist you in performing 
the duties that you usually carry out while working 
under considerable stress. So that every action will 
be carried out with precision when the time comes, 
this advance information booklet must cover all vital 
points as they relate to specific scenarios. We hope 
that this guide can be judged a success in this 
respect. At the same time, we would greatly appre
ciate any suggestions and feedback you can offer 
based on your own practical experience.

smart gmbh
Technical Communication (E/PD)

in collaboration with
DaimlerChrysler AG
Parts Engineering and
Technical Information (GSP/TI)

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