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Sharp Air Conditioners Installation Manual - CV10NH - 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.
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•  Allow 3 minutes for the compressor to restart cooling.
   If you turn the air conditioner off and immediately restart it, allow three minutes for the compressor 

to restart cooling.  There is an electronic device in the unit that keeps the compressor turned off 
for three minutes for safety.

• In the event of a power failure during use, allow 3 minutes before restarting the 


   After power is reinstated, restart the air conditioner.  If the power was off for less than three min-

utes, be sure to wait at least three minutes before restarting the unit.  If you restart the air condi-
tioner within three minutes, a protective device in the unit may cause the compressor to shut off.  
This protective device will prevent cooling for about 5 minutes. Any previous settings will be can-
celed and the unit will return to its initial settings.

•  Low temperature operation: Is your unit freezing up?
  Freezing may occur when  the unit is set close to 64°F in low ambient temperature conditions, es-

pecially at night. 

  In these conditions, a further temperature drop may cause the unit to freeze. 
  Setting the unit to a higher temperature will prevent it from freezing.
• Dehumidifi cation mode increases room temperature.
  The unit generates heat during dehumidifi cation mode and the room temperature will rise. Warm 

air will be blown out from the Exhaust air outlet, but this is normal and does not indicate a problem 
with the unit.

•  This air conditioner blows the warm air generated by the unit outside the room via 

the exhaust hose while in cool mode.

  Accordingly, the same amount of air as that blown out will enter the room from outside through 

any openings into the room.

•  When cooling operation is performed at high humidity conditions, water tank inside 

the unit may frequently become full.

  When water tank inside the unit is full, the unit stops operating and TIMER, OPERATION and 

MEGA COOL lamps will blink. In this case, perform drainage to drain out water within the unit. (See 
page 26)


•  The air conditioner must be operated within the temperature range indicated below.

• A built-in safety device may cut off 

operation if the temperature exceeds 
these limits.

•  When cooling operation is performed at 

high room temperature, the fan may run 
at a slower speed.



COOL 64°F~95°F

Dehumidifi cation 59°F~95°F 


•  Avoid direct sunlight.
  Close blinds, drapes or shades to keep out direct sunlight while in cooling mode.
• Keep the fi lter clean.
  Keeping the fi lter clean greatly aids effi cient operation. 

 A dirty fi lter blocks the  fl ow of air, making your air conditioner work harder and less effi ciently.  

See page 27 on how to clean the fi lter.

•  Turn off unnecessary lights.
  Your air conditioner must remove the heat produced by your lights or other  heat-producing appli-

ances.  Turn off any lights or appliances that are not in use.

•  Turn off the air conditioner when no one is home.
  Use only when necessary.  The less time the air conditioner is used, the lower the running 




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