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Shark Vacuum Cleaners Owner's Manual - NAVIGATOR LIFT-AWAY PRO NV355.
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You can carry your vacuum cleaner 
in both modes by the carry handle 
located on top of the dust cup. 

Fig. 15

Fig. 14

Fig. 13

Mode 2: Portable Lift-Away®



1   Separate the portable Lift-Away® canister from 

the floor nozzle 

by pressing the red release 

button (a) on the side of the canister. Gently 
hold the nozzle to the floor with your foot and 
pull the canister up.(Fig. 13)

2   Press the handle release button (a) and pull the 

handle up or press the extension wand release 
button (b) and pull the extension wand up. 
(Fig. 14)

3   Attach desired accessory onto the end of either 

the extension wand or the ha


4   Press the On/Off switch to the “I” position to 

turn the vacuum on for above-floor cleaning and 
hold the handle in one hand while you carry the 
portable Lift-Away® around the house with the 
other hand. (Fig. 15)

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