Schwinn Schwinn DX900 Bike Owner's Manual

Schwinn Home Gyms Owner's Manual - Schwinn DX900 Bike.
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Multi-position Handlebars
Sturdy, well-padded handlebars provide a 
variety of hand and arm positions for greater
comfort and stability

On-board Computer
The fast and easy way to obtain immediate
feedback regarding your fitness progress

Handlebar Adjustment Control
Quick-release lever for handlebar adjustment
provides additional upper body stretch and
relieves saddle pressures

Pedal Resistance Adjustment
Control Knob
The convenient way to make pedaling resistance
adjustments while riding

Seat Adjustment Knob
Reliable and easy seat position adjustment
accommodates riders of all body sizes and 
leg lengths

Level Adjustment
The simple way to level the Exercise Bike to
compensate for uneven surfaces

Transport Wheels
Make it simple to move the bike across any 
flat surface

Serial Number
Located on the underside of base frame