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MP3 Player DMC 1180
DMC 1180/DMC 2020 series MP3/WMA/SMV Player User Guide file:///D:/English/guide.htm
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Portable MP3/WMA/SMV Player User Guide
SANYO DMC 1180/2020 series
Installing the MP3 Player
Transferring data to and from the MP3 Player
Listening to your WMA/MP3 music
Player Controls
LCD Display
Voice Recorder
FM Tuner
Advanced Settings
Removing the MP3 Player from your computer
Thank-you for choosing the Sanyo DMC-1180/2020 MP3 player. Please take a moment to read this instruction booklet so
you will become familiar with the many features of this unit. This device incorporates a portable WMA/MP3/SMV
Player, FM Radio, Voice Recorder and 1 GB (DMC1180 series) or 2GB (DMC2020 series) Mass Storage Device.
MP3 Player Features:
WMA/MP3/SMV player
Synchronous lyric display with WMA/MP3 music
Voice recorder

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