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Freezer Features and Use
Operating Your Freezer
Once the freezer is in its proper place, plug it in an electrical outlet
having 115 volts and 15 amps. Turn on power switch. Power light
will come on, and the green run light will be lit indicating that the freezer
has power.
Set the temperature on the temperature control knob. “1” being the
warmest and “7” being the coldest. Initially set the temperature on
“4”. Place food inside the freezer. After using the freezer for 24 hours
set the freezer to your desired setting.
In case you unplug your freezer or experience an electrical outage,
allow 5 minutes before plugging it back in.
Note: Cool Down Period During Initial Start-Up
To ensure proper food storage, allow 4 hours for freezer to
cool down completely. The freezer will run continuously for
the first several hours. Already frozen foods may be placed in
after the first few hours of operation, however you must wait 4
hours before placing in any unfrozen food.
General Features
Adjustable temperature dial: (see fig. # 1)
Your freezer will automatically maintain
the temperature level you select.
The temperature control dial has 7
settings plus OFF. “1” is the warmest,
“7” is the coldest. Turning the dial to
OFF stops cooling the freezer. Set the
dial to “4” and allow 24 hours to pass
before adjusting the temperature to
your needs.
(Note: If the freezer has been
placed in a horizontal or
tilted position for any period
of time wait 24 hours before
plugging the unit in.)
fig. # 1
green power-on light
temperature control
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