Sanyo Battery Charger NC-MQN04E User's Manual

Sanyo Battery Charger User's Manual - Battery Charger NC-MQN04E.
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Battery Charger NC-MQN04B
Exclusively for use with SANYO NiMh (Nickel Metal
Hydride) AA and AAA (HR-3U & HR-4U) sized
rechargeable batteries.
• AA& AAA mixed batteries cannot be charged together in
one channel and single batteries cannot be charged in
one channel.
AA/AAA Charger Ni-MH
Thank you for purchasing this SANYO product. Please
read and understand these instructions carefully to ensure
safe and satisfactory operation. Keep these instructions
handy for future reference.
Model: MQN04
Operating Instructions
Sanyo Model No. NC-MQN04E / NC-MQN04B
Voltage AC 230V
Input 50Hz W
Output DC 2.4V 250mA x 2(AA)
120mA x 2(AAA)
LED Indicator ON - charging
OFF - Timer off (approx. 16hours)
Battery / eneloop Ni-MH AA (typ. 2000mAh) 10(h)
Charge time eneloop Ni-MH AAA (typ. 800mAh) 8(h)
approximate Ni-MH AA (typ. 2700mAh) 13(h)
hours Ni-MH AA (typ. 2500mAh) 12(h)
Ni-MH AA (typ. 1700mAh) 8(h)
Ni-MH AAA (typ. 1000mAh) 10(h)
Ni-MH AAA (typ. 900mAh) 9(h)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 118 x 75 x 40 mm
Weight approx. 230 g.
* The above charging times are estimated hours to
complete charging. The LED Indicator remains lit
even after these charging times have elapsed. A
protection timer switches the LED off after approx
16hrs of continuous charging in an electrical outlet.
Please charge 2 to 4 batteries simultaneously.
AAA type
AA type
LED (charger indicator light)
AA and AAA type batteries cannot be charged by two
slots of one side of a charger together. A battery cannot
be charged also when it is set by only one battery
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