Samsung UN65F6350AF Quick Start Manual

Samsung LED TV Quick Start Manual - UN65F6350AF.
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 Welcome to your new Smart TV!
 The following instructions cover assembling, connecting, and setting up your new TV. Make 

sure you have the accessories listed below.



 Included in this box


 Remote  Control

 Stand Parts and Cables





 Cable  manager

 Stand  Mount

 Power  Cord



  x 4


 Remote  Control

 IR  extender

 Wall mount adapter (46 inch and above)
 46 - 50 inches models: 2 pieces (BN96-18153B)
 55 inches and above models: 4 pieces (BN96-18153A)




 Batteries (AAA x 2)






 Also included: Cleaning Cloth, User Manual






 Attach the TV to 
the Stand




 Connect  video 




 Insert  the 
batteries into the 
remote control




 Power on and 
start the initial 



 Warning: Screens can be damaged 
from direct pressure when handled 
incorrectly. We recommend lifting the 
TV by the edges, as shown.



  Step 1 

Attach the TV to the Stand





 Lay the TV on a soft surface, screen side down. 

Use the packing material to protect the screen.



 Insert 4 screws and secure the stand to the 


  x4 (M4 X L12) 32” ~ 55”


  x4 (M4 X L10) 60” ~ 65”


 REQUIRED TOOLS: a Phillips head screwdriver and a soft, flat surface larger than the TV 

(such as the box).






 Holding the stand parallel to the screen, slide 

the stand into the notches on the back of the 






 Put a base and screws off to assemble the stand 

out of the box.
 32 inch models: 7EA
 40 inch and above models: 8EA



 Fit the stand and mount together, making sure 

the notch on the mount aligns with the stand.



 Insert 4 screws and secure the stand to the TV.

  x3 (M4 X L12) 32”


  x4 (M4 X L12) 40” ~ 55”


  x4 (M4 X L10) 60” ~ 65”

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