Rheem Ruud G100-200(A) User's Manual

Rheem Water Heater User's Manual - Ruud G100-200(A).
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Power Vent Kits for Gas Commercial Water Heaters

Manufactured by Tjernlund Products,* Rheem-Ruud
commercial gas water heater power vent kits are your
best choice for new construction, electric-to-gas
conversions and renovations.

Construction Features:

• Certified for use on natural and propane gas


• Maximum venting length up to 50 feet equivalent

including the vent terminal.

• Vent terminal can be installed through combustible

or non-combustible surfaces – heat shield is

• Vent terminal is constructed from heavy-duty

corrosion resistant aluminum.

• Venter can be connected to a vent termination 

on an exterior wall.

• Vibration isolators are supplied to provide quiet


• Safety interlocks standard.

• Complete with mounting hardware.

• Venter is pre-wired with 40 feet of #18-4 copper 

wire (24 volt) to minimize field connections.

Certifications and Ratings:

• Power vent kits manufactured by Tjernlund Products,

Inc. are tested and certified by AGA for use on
Rheem-Ruud commercial gas water heaters.

Continued on reverse.

Not for use with GN or GX models

Power Venter (from Tjernlund)

Vent Terminal

*For technical assistance, please call the Tjernlund Help Line at


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