ReliOn E-200 Specifications

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The E-200™ hydrogen fuel cell - clean, highly reliable power wrapped in a compact, economical package.
Designed specifically for small-scale backup power applications within the railroad, telecommunications, transportation, security and
government sectors, the E-200™ fuel cell system provides DC power for equipment needing up to 200 Watts in a 2U rack-mount
chassis. The E-200™ is fueled by hydrogen and can affordably provide hundreds of hours of highly reliable runtime between
refuelings for critical equipment. Because the only emissions are warm air and a small amount of water, the E-200™ is exempt
from the most stringent air quality standards and is a valuable component of corporate sustainability efforts.
E-200 Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Fuel Cells Simply Powerful
site solutions
rack mount and outdoor
cabinetized configurations
options available

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