Radio Shack 40-4092 User's Manual

Radio Shack Speakers User's Manual - 40-4092.
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OWNER’S MANUAL — Please read before using this equipment.

Your RadioShack 6 1 /2-Inch Stereo Ceiling 
Speaker features two cross-overs, a  61 /2-
inch dual voice coil woofer for rich lows, and 
two  1 /2-inch tweeters for crisp highs. The 
speaker can be connected to work in either 
mono or stereo configurations. The angled 
tweeter array provides optimum stereo 
separation and gives you stereo sound from 

just one speaker. Your speaker can handle 
up to 80 watts of music power. The wing-type 
mounting system makes it easy to mount 
your speaker flush with a ceiling or wall, 
making it ideal for unobtrusive use in a 
surround-sound system. The frame and grille 
can also be painted to match the room’s 


To mount your speaker, you need the 
following items (not supplied, available at 
your local RadioShack or online at

• drywall or keyhole saw

• wire stripper

• Phillips screwdriver

• pencil or marker

• 18–20 gauge speaker wire

1. Be sure the mounting surface is between 

3 /8 inch and  1 1 /4 inch thick, with at least a 

2 3 /4-inch clearance behind the mounting 
surface and no wall studs or other 
objects to block the back of the speaker.

2. Remove the inner cardboard disc from 

the supplied template/paint mask and 
keep it for later. Use the outer portion as 
a template to mark the cutout hole size 
and location for mounting the speaker.

3. Use a drywall or keyhole saw to cut the 



If you choose to paint the frame and grille, 
paint them and let them dry before you 
connect the speaker wire or mount the 

To remove the grille for painting, insert a 
paper clip into one of the grille openings, then 
pull up. Or, you can carefully twist the plastic 
frame back and forth until the grille edge 
becomes exposed, then lift the grille to 
remove it. 

Carefully remove the dust cloth from behind 
the grill and replace it after you are finished 


You can also paint the frame to match your 
wall or ceiling. To prevent paint from entering 
the speaker, remove the grille and insert the 
supplied cardboard paint mask. After the 
paint is dry, remove the paint mask and 
replace the grille.

Your local RadioShack store sells a wide 
selection of speaker wire. We recommend 
you use wire that is color-coded or marked on 
one side to help you connect the wire 

For a stereo configuration, route two sets of 
wires to the speaker from the receiver.


For a mono configuration, route one set of 


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Be sure not to cut into any existing wiring or 
plumbing hidden behind the wall.


Do not paint the speaker element. We 
recommend you spray-paint the grille so paint 
does not block the holes.

Paint Mask


Avoid routing the speaker wire near electrical 

Do not nail or staple the speaker wire.