Radio Shack 40-1024A User's Manual

Radio Shack Speakers User's Manual - 40-1024A.
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8" Polypropylene Cone Woofer

Your Radio Shack 8" Polypropylene
Cone Woofer lets you increase the
bass response of your sound sys-
tem, whether it is a home or car, ste-
reo or monaural system.


Light, Rigid, Polypropylene Cone

—  extra-durable, long-life cone re-

sists effects of moisture and temper-
ature extremes, and withstands
greater stress at high volume levels.

Rolled Urethane Foam Surround

—  minimizes distortion and im-

proves clarity.

Long-Throw Voice Coil —  delivers
clean, solid sound.


You can install the woofer from the
front or back of an enclosure so it is
flush with the baffle’s surface. Seal
the mounting surface so air cannot
leak around the woofer.

For details, see our “Building Speak-
er Systems” book (not supplied),
available at your local Radio Shack
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