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Radica Games Handheld Game System User's Manual - BRAIN GAMES 823B4900.
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Dear Brain Gamers,

I am delighted that you are one of the mil ions of 

people who want to keep their minds sharp and 

have fun doing it.  After two decades studying how 

we can improve memory and prevent Alzheimer’s 

disease, I have found there is a lot we can do.  

Genetics accounts for only about a third of what 

determines our health as we age – that means that 

simple, everyday lifestyle choices have a major im-

pact on our memory and brain fitness.  My books, 

The Memory Bible, The Memory Prescription, and 

The Longevity Bible, detail my strategies – physical 

and mental exercise, stress reduction techniques, 

the Healthy Brain Diet, and more – to boost your 

brain power and live longer, better.  However, you 

are well on your way to boosting your brain power 

by playing Brain Games 2.

Brain Games 2 will teach you my basic memory 

technique – Look, Snap, Connect – and help you 

perfect these strategies.  Besides being fun to 

play, Brain Games 2 will help your memory abilities 

improve almost immediately.  You will also “cross-

train” your brain with left-brain (verbal memory and 

logical skil s – e.g., writing letters) and right-brain 

(visual memory and mental skil s – e.g., reading 

maps) games.  Brain Games 2 lets you monitor 

your progress, while setting and increasing a pace 

that works for your memory ability as you train your 

brain and gauge your improvement.  

You can use Look, Snap, Connect for everyday 

memory tasks (lists, errands, names and faces) 

and build on this basic technique to become a 

memory champion.  First master the basic skill:

Look – learn to focus your attention on the new 

information you wish to remember.  Slow down, 

take a deep breath, and ignore distractions. 


Snap – create a mental snapshot or visual 

image in your mind’s eye of what you want to 

remember.  Make it personal and give it detail to 

help fix it into your memory.


Connect – link up your mental snapshots in 

you mind’s eye.  This association step helps put 

the new memories into context and helps you 

retrieve them later when you need them.

To remember a list of errands, create a story using 

Look, Snap, Connect:  You need to stop at the 

store to get some aspirin and a hair brush before 

you meet your sister.  In your mind’s eye, you see 

your sister taking some aspirin and then brushing 

her hair.  

For learning and recalling names and faces, think 

up a Name Snap and a Face Snap – then Connect 

these mental pictures or Snaps together.  Thinking 

of a visual image or Snap for a name can be easy:  

See a house for Mr. House, a gold coin for Ms. 

Gold, or a carnival worker for Mrs. Carney.  For 

more complex names, combine visual words that 

sound like the name – see Mr. Domachow eating 

chicken chow mein under a dome.  For a face 

snap, look for a distinguishing feature and then 


For 1 player / Ages 8 and up


P/N 823B4900   Rev.B


connect it to the name snap.  If Mrs. Washing-

ton has prominent lips, see her kissing George 

Washington on the lips.  At first it may seem a bit 

wacky; however, you’ll not only have fun but you’ll 

improve your everyday memory skills.  Remem-

bering names and faces is the most common 

memory complaint.

Our research group at UCLA has studied the ef-

fectiveness of Look, Snap, Connect, along with 

other lifestyle strategies that improve memory 

and brain health.  We found that after only two 

weeks, these techniques have a significant effect 

on memory performance scores and dramatically 

increase brain efficiency. The more you play Brain 

Games 2, the better you’ll get at it and the more 

brain power you’ll have. 

To find out more about the creation of Brain 

Games, visit 

www.drgarysmall.com and 


Have fun,

Dr. Gary Small  

Brain Games are mind stimulating activities 

for your brain.  It’s time to challenge yourself!  

Whether you choose to enter the Training session 

or jump right into the Testing mode, Brain Games 

2 will be sure to challenge your mind in several 

new and different ways. 

ON –   Press the ON button to power on the game.  

Use the stylus to tap the SCROLL arrows at the 

top and bottom of the touchscreen to toggle 

through the different game modes.  Once your 

mode is highlighted, tap it using the stylus to 


NEW – Press this on the touchscreen to bring up 

End Round or New Game.

END ROUND – This allows you to end the 

current game and calculates the score up to 

that point.  This may be most useful in the 

Word Hunt game when you can not think of 

any more words, but there is still time remain-

ing.  Or Recall when you have already memo-

rized words and there is still time remaining.

NEW GAME – This allows you to cancel the 

current game and return to the Main Menu. If 

selected during Testing mode, it will cancel 

your score for that session.

ENTER – Press this to confirm your selection.
MENU – This will bring you back to the Menu 

when you are selecting your options.  If you have 

already started a game, you will need to Select 

NEW to quit and return to the Main Menu.

TIPS – Press this to see quick suggestions on 

things you can do everyday to help improve your 

memory and general wellbeing.  

TIMER – This is a countdown timer that is used in 

some of the exercises.

 Select TESTING from the Main Menu 

to start your daily exercise program.  Choose the 

skill level you wish to play at, and that’s it!  Brain 

Games will now run you through the 5 different 

exercises (described below) of your routine.  This 

is the mode that you will be tested in and that 

will record your score.  You can check this in the 

SCORE mode (see below).  Remember to use the 

Look, Snap, Connect technique!

TRAINING – This is where you can train or 

practice the different brain games without affect-

ing your score.  Select TRAINING from the Main 

Menu.  Tap the SCROLL arrows to toggle through 

the five different exercises (Sequence, Twist, 

Focus, Word Hunt, and Recall) and tap the one 

you wish to select.  Next, choose the skill level you 

wish to play at.  You are now ready to start your 

training session.

Word Hunt - In this brain game your objec-

tive it to use the letters the game gives you 

to make words.  You will be shown a word 

on screen and the total number of words 

that can be formed out of that word.  Select 

letters from the core word with the stylus to 

spell new words and then select Enter.  To 

deselect a letter, select that letter from your 

word and it will return to the original word.  

After completing the exercise, the game will 

display how many you got correct.

Sequence – In this brain game your objective 

is to select the random numbers in the grid in 

the proper sequence or order (lowest to high-

est).  If you select a number out of sequence 

an X will appear, and you will continue onto 

the next grid.  If the sequence is correct, a 

musical prompt will sound.  There will be 

several grids in each game.  After completing 

the exercise, the game will display how many 

you got correct. 

Twist – In this brain game the objective is to 

memorize the relationship of 2 images and 

then apply that relationship to a 3rd image 

in order to select the correct answer.  You 

will be shown a puzzle on the left side of 

the touchscreen. You will also be shown the 

same puzzle rotated or flipped (horizontally 

or vertically) on the right side of the touch-

screen. You will have 5 seconds to look at the 

puzzle on the left and see how it has been 

rotated or flipped in the puzzle on the right.  

After 5 seconds, you will be shown a new 

image and 4 possible answers.  You have to 

recall the relationship of the puzzles from the 

opening screen and apply that relationship to 

the puzzle at the top.  You have 15 seconds 

to solve the puzzle. After completing the 

exercise, the game will display how many you 

got correct. 








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