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ProForm Home Gyms Owner's Manual - XP 70 (No. 831.215010).
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Assembly requires two persons. Place all parts of the exercise cycle in a cleared area and remove the packing
materials. Do not dispose of the packing materials until assembly is completed.  

Assembly requires the included tools and your own adjustable wrench                     and Phillips
screwdriver                     . 

Use the drawings below to identify the small parts used for assembly. The number in parenthesis below each
drawing is the key number of the part, from the PART LIST on page 22. The number following the key number is
the quantity needed for assembly. Note: Some small parts may have been pre-assembled. If a part is not in
the parts bag, check to see if it has been pre-assembled. If a part is missing, call toll-free 1-888-533-1333. 

M10 x 112mm

Carriage Bolt (43)–4

M8 x 25mm Button

Screw (51)–2

M8 x 90mm Button

Screw (41)–1

M8 x 37mm Button

Bolt (52)–4

M8 Split

Washer (50)–7

M8 Nylon

Locknut (65)–8

M4 x 12mm

Screw (60)–2

M10 Nylon

Locknut (63)–4

M4 x 16mm

Screw (57)–4

1. Attach the Rear Stabilizer (16) to the Frame (1) with

two M10 x 112mm Carriage Bolts (43) and two M10
Nylon Locknuts (63).