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ProForm Home Gyms Owner's Manual - XP 70 (No. 831.215010).
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Turn on the console.

See step 1 on page 11.

Select one of the preset programs.

To select a preset
program, press
the Program but-
ton repeatedly
until one of the
four preset pro-
gram indicators

Press the Start button or begin pedaling to
start the program.

Each preset program consists of several one-
minute periods. One resistance setting and one
target pace are programmed for each period.
Note: The same resistance setting and/or target
pace may be programmed for two or more con-
secutive periods, as shown by the four profiles
near the program indicators. 

At the end of each period of the program, a
series of tones will sound and the time will flash
in the display. The resistance of the pedals will
then automatically change if a different resis-
tance setting is programmed for the next period.
Note: If the resistance level is too high or too low,
you can change it by pressing the Resistance
buttons. However, when the current period ends,
the resistance of the pedals will automatically
change if a different resistance setting is pro-
grammed for the next period.

During the program, the center of the display will
show the time remaining in the program. If you
stop pedaling for several seconds, the program
will pause and the time will flash in the display.
To restart the program, simply resume pedaling.

Use the pace guide to pace your exercise.

Throughout the
program, the pace
guide above the
program indicators
will prompt you to
increase or
decrease your
pedaling pace.
When one of the

indicators on the left side of the pace guide lights,
increase your pace; when one of the indicators
on the right side lights, decrease your pace.
When the center indicator lights, maintain your
current pace. Important: The pace guide is
intended only to provide a goal. Make sure to
pedal at a pace that is comfortable for you. 

Monitor your progress with the display.

See step 4 on page 11. 

Measure your heart rate if desired.

See step 5 on page 12.

Turn on the fan if desired.

See step 6 on page 12.

When you are finished exercising, the console
will automatically turn off.

See step 7 on page 12.


Pulse program 1 is designed to keep your heart rate
between 65% and 90% of your 

estimated maximum

heart rate during your workout. (Your maximum heart
rate is estimated by subtracting your age from 220.
For example, if you are 25 years old, your estimated
maximum heart rate is 195 beats per minute.) Pulse
program 2 is designed to keep your heart rate near a
target heart rate that you select. 

Follow the steps below to use a pulse program. 

Turn on the console.

See step 1 on page 11. 

Select one of the pulse programs.

To select a pulse
program, press the
Program button
repeatedly until one
of the two pulse
program indicators