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Philips Electric Toothbrush User's Manual - sonicare HX6950.
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 Cord wrap on sanitizer with integrated charger (select models) 



 If your model includes the sanitizer, you can store excess cord using the 

cord wrap feature built into the bottom of the sanitizer.  

Sanitizing (select models)



 With the UV sanitizer you can clean your brush head after every use.

 Discontinue use of the sanitizer if the UV light bulb remains on when 

the door is open or if the blue window is broken or missing from the 

sanitizer. UV light can be harmful to the human eye and skin. This device 

should be kept out of reach of children at all times.
 Unplug the sanitizer and call Consumer Care if the sanitizer gives off 

smoke or a burning smell while it is operating.. 
  1  After brushing, rinse the brush head and shake off excess water.
 Do not place the travel cap on the brush head during sanitization.
  2  Place your fi nger in the door recess on top of the sanitizer and pull 

open the door.

  3   Place the brush head on one of the 2 pegs in the sanitizer. 
 Note:  Only clean Sonicare ProResults brush heads in the sanitizer.

 Make sure the bristles of the brush head directly face the light bulb.
  4  Make sure the sanitizer is plugged into a live outlet of appropriate 


  5  Close the door and press the green power on/off button once to 

select the UV clean cycle.

 Note:  You can only turn on the sanitizer if the door is properly closed.
 Note:  The sanitizer stops if you open the door during the sanitizing cycle.
 Note:  The sanitizer cycle runs for 10 minutes and then automatically shuts off.



 The sanitizer is in operation when the blue light glows through the 




 When the sanitizing cycle is complete, the sanitizer automatically 

shuts off. 



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