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Panasonic Tablets Brochure - Toughpad 4K.
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Panasonic recommends Windows 8.

Architects, Engineers and designers

see your VIsIon unfold In stunnIng 4K
the toughpad™ 4K tablet has been designed for cad applications to bring even the smallest detail to the 
forefront. equipped with a powerful Intel® core™ i5 or i7 vPro™ processor and dedicated nVIdIa® graphics 
for enhanced performance capability, the new toughpad 4K tablet can replace a traditional cad workstation 
for a truly mobile and invaluable tool for architects, engineers and designers alike. Plus, with a unique 
15:10 aspect ratio, it is perfect for blueprints and other a4-sized or 17" x 11" documents—saving printing 
time and cost. build your world, your way.

healthcare and Medical Imaging

When lIVes dePend on you, you can’t MIss a thIng
featuring nearly 10 million pixels on one screen plus a true color (16.7M) display for the accurate 
representation of medical images, the toughpad 4K tablet is a tool healthcare professionals can’t afford 
to live without. an optional Panasonic electronic touch pen, with pixel level accuracy and palm rejection, 
can interpret 2048 levels of pressure to ensure every mark is reflected perfectly to the smallest detail—so 
nothing is ever missed. and with a 720p integrated webcam, videoconferencing over Wi-fi is made easy for 
improved collaboration and cooperation when dealing with multiple facilities. examine your world, your way.