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Panasonic Tablets Operating Instructions - Toughbook H2.
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Safety Precautions

To reduce the risk of injury, loss of life, electric shock, fire, 

malfunction, and damage to equipment or property, al-

ways observe the following safety precautions.

Explanation of symbol word panels

The following symbol word panels are used to classify 

and describe the level of hazard, injury, and property 

damage caused when the denotation is disregarded and 

improper use is performed.


Denotes a potential hazard that will result in serious 

injury or death.


Denotes a potential hazard that could result in seri-

ous injury or death.


Denotes a hazard that could result in minor injury.


Denotes a hazard that could result in property dam-


The following symbols are used to classify and describe 

the type of instructions to be observed.

These symbols are used to alert users to a 

specific operating procedure that must not be 


This symbol is used to alert users to a specific 

operating procedure that must be followed in 

order to operate the unit safety.


Electrolyte leakage, generation of heat, ignition or 

rupture of the Battery Pack may result.



Do Not Throw the Battery Pack into a Fire 

or Expose It to Excessive Heat



Do Not Insert Sharp Objects Into the Bat-

tery Pack, Disassemble, or Modify It



Do Not Short the Positive (+) and Negative 

(-) Contacts



Do not place the battery pack together with 

articles such as necklaces or hairpins when 

carrying or storing.



Do Not Apply Shocks to the Product by 

Dropping It, Applying Strong Pressure to It, 




If this product is subjected to a strong im-

pact, damaged or deformed, stop using it 




Do Not Charge the Battery Using Methods 

Other Than Those Specified



Do Not Use the Battery Pack with Any Other 


•  The battery pack is rechargeable and was 

intended for the specified product.



Do Not Use This Product with a Battery 

Pack Other Than the One Specified



Use only the specified battery pack with 

your product.



When the Battery Pack Has Deteriorated, 

Replace It With a New One



Do not continue to use a damaged battery 




Avoid Extreme Heat (Near the Fire, in Direct 

Sunlight, for Example)

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