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Panasonic Headphones Owner's Manual - M25/M55.
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Stay near your phone 

Bluetooth has a working “range” of up to 10 meters 
(33 feet) between the phone and headset before 
audio degrades and the connection is lost.

Try DeepSleep™ 

If you leave your headset powered on but out of 
range from your paired phone for more than 90 
minutes, your headset will conserve its battery 
power by entering into DeepSleep mode.

This power-saving mode keeps your headset 
charged for up to 5 months so it’s ready when 
you need it.

Once back in range with your phone, tap the Call 
button to exit DeepSleep mode. If your phone is 
also ringing, tap the Call button again to answer 
your call.

Know how to reconnect 

Your headset tries to reconnect a lost connection. 
If it can’t, then tap the Call button once or manually 
reconnect via the phone’s Bluetooth device menu.

If your headset remains out of range for more 
than 90 minutes, the DeepSleep mode will activate.

Turn off voice commands (M55 only)

When prompted by the headset, you can just say 
“answer” or “ignore” to incoming calls – no need to 
press any buttons.

If you prefer not to use the voice command feature, 
you can disable it and just use the Call button.

To disable: with the headset powered on, 
simultaneously press the Call button and Volume 
button until you see the white LED flash twice.

To reactivate the feature: just repeat the steps and 
you will again see the white LED flash twice.

*Voice commands are only available in English.

Use an iPhone to check headset battery

An icon representing the battery level of your headset 
is automatically displayed on-screen beside the 
phone’s battery level icon.

Listen to music and more

If your phone also has the Bluetooth “A2DP” stereo 
music feature, then your music, podcasts, favorite 
internet radio and other streaming audio can be 
heard through this headset.