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Pacific hydrostar Washers Owner's Manual - 1650 PSI.
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Operating precautions
1.  Disconnect the plug from the power source 

before making any adjustments, changing 

accessories, or storing pressure washers.  Such 

preventive safety measures reduce the risk of 

starting the pressure washer accidentally.

2.  Do not leave the equipment unattended 

when it is running.  Turn off the equipment 

before leaving the work area.

3.  Wear ANSI-approved safety goggles and heavy-

duty nonslip rubber work boots during use.

4.  Use only accessories that are recommended by 

Harbor Freight Tools for your model.  Accessories 

that may be suitable for one piece of equipment may 

become hazardous when used on another one.

5.  This product must continuously run with 

cold water only.  Never use hot water.  Do 

not dry run this product. Dry running will 

cause serious damage to the seals.  

6.  To avoid electrical shock, never start and run the 

Pressure Washer in the rain.  Never allow water 

to leak into the Body of the Pressure Washer.  

Do not direct discharge stream at the Pressure 

Washer itself or at other live electrical equipment.

7.  Do not allow the GFCI Plug to become wet.  

Always place the GFCI Plug in a dry location and as 

far away as possible from the object being sprayed.

8.  DO NOT use an extension cord with this product.

9.  When using the Pressure Washer, always maintain 

a firm grip on the Spray Gun.  Squeezing the 

Trigger of the Spray Gun causes a kickback force.  

10. Do not feed already-pressurized water (such as that 

from another pressure washer) into this washer.

11.  People with pacemakers should consult their 

physician(s) before use.  Electromagnetic fields in 

close proximity to heart pacemaker could cause 

pacemaker interference or pacemaker failure.

12. WARNING:  The brass components of this 

product contain lead, a chemical known to 

the State of California to cause birth defects 

(or other reproductive harm). (California 

Health & Safety code § 25249.5, et seq.)

13. WARNING: Handling the cord on this product will 

expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State 

of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or 

other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.  

(California Health & Safety Code §  25249.5, et seq.)

14. Use the correct equipment for the application.  

Do not modify the equipment and do not use the 

equipment for a purpose for which it is not intended.

15. If water is leaking out of the Pressure Washer 

immediately turn off the unit.  Unplug the 

Pressure Washer, and discharge all pressure 

before tightening fittings or having repair 

work done by a qualified technician.

16. The high pressure water flow can damage 

the work surface if not used properly.  

Always test the spray in an open area first.


Injection Hazard. The high pressure 

water jet produced by this tool can cut 

skin or cause injury to hands or eyes. 

Do not allow spray to strike you and do 

not spray toward people or animals. 

Do not spray the tool itself or any electrical source.

18. This Pressure Washer is intended for 

outdoor residential use only.


in case of an emergency during use, 

immediately release the trigger on the spray 

handle, turn the power switch off and then 

unplug the unit. Do not set the spray handle 

down without turning off the power switch.