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Omron Healthcare Healthcare Owner's Manual - BP742N.
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(AC Adapter (optional) Usage)

Do not use the AC adapter if the device or the power cord is damaged. Turn 
off the power and unplug the power cord immediately. 
Plug the AC adapter into the appropriate voltage outlet. Do not use in a 
multi-outlet plug.
Never plug in or unplug the power cord from the electric outlet with wet 
Fully insert the power plug into the outlet.
When disconnecting the power plug from the outlet, do not pull the power 
cord. Be sure to pull from the power plug safely.
When handling the power cord, take care not to do the following:

Do not damage.

Do not break it.

Do not tamper with it.

Do not forcibly bend or pull.

Do not twist.

Do not bundle during use.

Do not pinch.

Do not place under heavy objects.

Wipe the dust off from the power plug.
Unplug monitor when not in use.
Disconnect the power plug before cleaning.
Use only an OMRON AC adapter designed for this device. Use of 
unsupported adapters may damage and/or may be hazardous to the device.

(Battery Usage)

Do not insert the batteries with their polarities incorrectly aligned.
Use only 4 “AA” alkaline or manganese batteries with this device. Do not use 
other types of batteries. Do not use new and used batteries together.
Remove the batteries if the device will not be used for three months or more.