Nokia Audio Adapter AD-46 User's Manual

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Audio Adapter AD-46
Nokia Audio Adapter AD-46
The AD-46 audio adapter allows you to connect stereo headphones (with
the standard 3.5-mm plug) to the Pop-Port
connector of your
compatible Nokia phone. The adapter allows you to listen to the FM radio
or music player of your Nokia phone with your headphones or to answer
or end a call. Read also the user guide for your phone, which provides
important safety and maintenance information.
To use the adapter, plug the cable of the adapter into the Pop-Port
connector of your compatible Nokia phone, and plug your headphones
into the connector at the top of the adapter. The adapter supports
16-ohm or higher impedance headphones.
To answer or end a call, press the call key . If your phone supports
voice dialing with this device, press and hold the call key when no call is
in progress, and proceed as described in the user guide of your phone.

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