Nokia 9245866/1 User's Manual

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Nokia Battery Charging Stand DT-14
The charging stand allows you to charge a spare battery for your phone.
The stand can be supplied with power from the AC-3, AC-4, or DC-4
charger or from the ACP-12 or LCH-12 charger when used with the
CA-44 charger adapter.
To use the stand, place it on a stable flat surface, and connect the charger
to the stand and to a power source. Check that the green indicator light
flashes briefly. Place the battery into the stand so that the connectors of
the battery are aligned with the connectors in the stand. The green
indicator light starts to flash to show that the battery is being charged.
When the battery is fully charged, the indicator light is continuously
When the indicator light is not shown, even if the battery is in place and
the stand is connected to the power source using the charger, the battery
is not being charged. In this case, the battery is not properly inserted into

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