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NextBase Dash Cameras Instruction Manual - 312GW.
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Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and/or Battery by users 
in private households in the European Union.

This symbol on the product or on the packaging indicates that this cannot be disposed 
of as household waste. You must dispose of your waste equipment and/or battery by 
handing it over to the applicable take-back scheme for the recycling of electronic 
equipment and/or batteries. For more information please contact your local household 
waste disposal office.

A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen is a multilayer complex component, containing 
691,200 pixels. Pixels can however fail during normal product life. 1 pixel = 0.0001% 
failure rate, and one pixel failure per year of operation is considered normal and not 
a cause for concern.

To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not perform any servicing other than that 
contained in the instruction manual unless you are qualified to do so.
Have the unit serviced by a qualified service technician if;
         The Unit has been exposed to rain or water.
         The unit does not seem to operate normally.
         The unit exhibits a marked change in performance.

WARNING: Do not expose this product to rain, moisture or water under any circumstances, doing 

so may result in the risk of electric shock or fire.

Please read this manual carefully before operation and keep it for future reference. It will be helpful 
should you encounter any operational problem.

   1. Ensure that the windscreen is free of dirt or grease before placing mount upon it.

Do not obscure the view of the road ahead or impede the deployment of any airbags in the event 

       of an accident.

When not in use, please disconnect the car adaptor from both the 12/24Vdc outlet in your vehicle 



and the device itself.

   4. Only clean the device with a soft dry cloth, for tough dirt, apply some neutral detergent diluted in 
       5 to 6 parts water to a soft cloth. 

Note that alcohol, thinner, benzene etc could cause damage to the paint or coatings.


Avoid making contact with the len

s as damage 

be caused.




If required clean the glass lens carefully using spectacle lens cleaning fluid on a soft cloth only.


The video recordings made by this Digital Video Recorder are intended for personal use only.


Publication of the recordings on Youtube, the internet or other methods are subject to the 



Data Protection Act and the requirements thereof must be adhered to.
If the Digital Video Recorder is to be used within a commercial environment, i.e. truck use, then 

       the CCTV regulation apply also, in addition to the Data Protection Act regulations. This includes 


labelling to identify the use f CCTV is taking place, the omission of Audio recording and 


he relevant 

informing t

authorities of who controls the data.

Video playback upon the device which is visible to the driver is prohibited or restricted in some 

       countries or States. Please adhere to these laws.

Whilst driving, do not adjust the controls of your device as this is a distraction to driving.