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Motorola Barcode Scanner Kit Symbol LS2208
Revision History
Changes to the original manual are listed below:
Change Date Description
-01 Rev A 3/2003 Initial release.
-02 Rev A 10/2003 Updated with additional bar codes and various other changes.
-03 Rev A 1/2007 Updated service information, added parameter bar codes for Bookland ISBN, new
UPC supplemental decode options, report software version, report MIMIC version,
report Synapse cable, COM port, prefix/suffix value.
-04 Rev A 9/2007 Motorola rebranding, changed Set Length(s) for MSI parameter default to 4-55,
changed RSS references to GS1 DataBar.
-05 Rev A 10/2007 Added bar codes for "Timeout Between Decodes" to User Preferences.
-06 Rev A 5/2008 Updated service information, removed IBM XT bar code and keyboard from
Keyboard Wedge chapter, add French Belgian country codes, added note regarding
Code ID and No Read, added Send Pause and Comma bar codes to ADF chapter.
-07 Rev A 7/2010 Corrected the Send Alt @ parameter number and added the Send Alt 2 parameter,
updated the default interfaces to Keyboard Wedge and USB, removed patent and
regulatory information, updated web addresses, Scan123
chapter and Feedback

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