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Motorola Micom 2E
Amateur General User Instructions
This unit is a commercial, industrial, military high frequency radio covering 1.7 to 30 mHz. These
general instructions are meant to be an aid in getting started and using the radio system. This is
essentially a computer controlled, software driven, radio system with multiple capabilities. The radio will
transmit SSB, AME(quivalent), and PLT (pilot). More detailed instructions can be found in the user
To Turn Unit ON:
Turn Power Pack ON
Turn Micom 2E on by rotating knob to the right until you hear a click.
The Volume is controlled by continuing to rotate the knob to the right.
There will be four main buttons you will use multiple times for setting the radio parameters.
The buttons are briefly identified with their location below.
The MENU button is located on the top right of the radio keypad area, just to the left of the speaker.
The ESCape (Previous) button is located on the middle right of the radio keypad area, just to the left of
the speaker. ESC will normally take you to the Previous screen.
The ENTER button is located on the bottom right of the radio keypad area, just to the left of the speaker.
The MORE button is located on the bottom left of the radio display area. A Right Arrow in the lower
right corner of the display window means there are other parameters available by pressing the MORE
The MENU button will provide four options, CHAN(nel), FREQ(uency), ALE, and BIT(e) as beginning
choices when first pressed. Additional selections can be viewed by pressing MORE.
This set of instructions will not address the use of ALE frequencies, nor the use of BIT(e) (diagnostics).
To Enter An Amateur Frequency Directly:
Press the MENU button.
On the bottom line of the display you will see and press the FREQuency (F2) button.
Press SIMPLEX (F1); Press ENTER. This is the default value.
Enter the Frequency in kilohertz via the keypad; Press ENTER.
The bottom row on the display window will show the parameters BAND, SQ, DSP.
Press BAND (F2) to select LSB, USB; Press ENTER. Press BAND to cycle thru the choices. A visual
indicator will show you if you are in upper or lower sideband mode.
SQ(uelch) is normally OFF.
DSP (digital signal processor) brings up a sub-menu of: CLAR(ifier) is normally off, NF (notch filter) is
normally off, CLPR (clipper) is normally off, NB (noise blanker) is normally ON. Pressing MORE will
display ATTEN(uator) which is normally off.

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