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2. Notes on safety
Environmental requirements
Use the sewing machine in an area which is free
from sources of strong electrical noise such as high-
frequency welders.
Sources of strong electrical noise may cause pro-
blems with correct operation.
Any fluctuations in the power supply voltage should
be within ±10% of the rated voltage for the machine.
Voltage fluctuations which are greater than this may
cause problems with correct operation.
The power supply capacity should be greater than
the requirements for the sewing machine’s electrical
Insufficient power supply capacity may cause
problems with correct operation.
The ambient temperature should be within the range
of 5°C to 35°C during use.
Temperatures which are lower or higher than this
may cause problems with correct operation.
The relative humidity should be within the range of
45% to 85% during use, and no dew formation
should occur in any devices.
Excessively dry or humid environments and dew
formation may cause problems with correct opera-
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight during use.
Exposure to direct sunlight may cause problems with
correct operation.
In the event of an electrical storm, turn off the power
and disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet.
Lightning may cause problems with correct operation.
Machine installation should only be carried out by a
qualified technician.
Contact your Brother dealer or a qualified electrician
for any electrical work that may need to be done.
The sewing machine weighs more than 56 kg. The
installation should be carried out by two or more
Do not connect the power cord until installation is
complete, otherwise the machine may operate if the
treadle is depressed by mistake, which could result
in injury.
Use both hands to hold the machine head when
tilting it back or returning it to its original position. If
only one hand is used, the weight of the machine
head may cause your hand to slip, and your hand
may get caught.
Be sure to connect the ground. If the ground connec-
tion is not secure, you run a high risk of receiving a
serious electric shock, and problems with correct
operation may also occur.
All cords should be secured at least 25 mm away
from any moving parts. Furthermore, do not
excessively bend the cords or secure them too firmly
with staples, otherwise there is the danger that fire or
electric shocks could occur.
Install the belt covers to the machine head and
If using a work table which has casters, the casters
should be secured in such a way so that they cannot
Be sure to wear protective goggles and gloves when
handling the lubricating oil and grease, so that they
do not get into your eyes or onto your skin, otherwise
inflammation can result.
Furthermore, do not drink the oil or eat the grease
under any circumstances, as they can cause vomiting
and diarrhoea.
Keep the oil out of the reach of children.
Wait at least 5 minutes after turning off the power switch and disconnecting the power cord from the wall outlet
before opening the face plate of the control box. Touching areas where high voltage are present can result in
severe injury.

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