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This User Guide provides you with all the information
you need to get the most from your phone.
Before you make your first call you will need to set up
your phone.
Follow the simple instructions in ‘Getting Started’, on the next
few pages.
Only use the telephone line cord supplied.
This equipment is not designed for making emergency telephone calls when the power fails. Alternative
arrangements should be made for access to emergency services.
Got everything
• D1000 handset
• D1000 base
• User guide
2 x AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
Mains power adapter for the base
• Telephone line cord
If you have purchased a D1000 multiple pack you will also have the following additional items:
D1000 handset & charger
2 x AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
Mains power adaptor for the charger
Need help
If you have any problems setting up or using your D1000, please contact Customer Services on (65) 6841 2668.
Alternatively, you may find the answer in the ‘Help’ section at the back of this guide.

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