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10 Getting to know your phone
H Phonebook / Scroll Down / Volume down
Open the phonebook.
Scroll down through lists and menus.
Decrease the earpiece volume.
I Navigator glow ring
Illuminates when the phone is in use. Flashes to
indicate new Voicemail.
J * / Keypad lock
Press and hold to lock/unlock the keypad.
During a call, press and hold to switch from pulse
dialling to tone dialling.
Dial a star.
K # / Ringer off / Pause
Press and hold to switch handset ringer on or off.
When dialling or storing a number, press and hold to
enter a pause (P).
Dial a #.
L Loudspeaker key
Activate and deactivate the loudspeaker during a call.
Handsfree activation can suddenly increase the volume
in the earpiece to a very high level. Make sure the
handset is not too close to your ear.
M Intercom (at least 2 handsets needed)
In standby mode, use to make an internal call.
During a call, use to transfer an external call to another
Handset display
A Display icons
On when the line is in use.
Flashes when there is an incoming call.
Flashes when you have new voicemail messages.*
Off when you have no new voicemail messages.
Flashes when you have missed calls and new
number(s) are in the Calls list.*
Phonebook is open.
The alarm clock has been set.
Handsfree mode.

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