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Blue Tooth Phone
To make an intercom call or an outgoing call:
Manual Mode
1. Press the [Answer] button on the headset.
2. Press Extension Number or dial External number
3. To End Call press [Answer] button on headset
Auto Mode
Press Extension number or dial External number
To End Call press SPK button on DK2 Phone
To Adjust Speaker Volume during a Call
You can adjust the speaker volume during a call by
pressing the volume control buttons on the side of the Ear
and or the volume control keys on the DK2 phone
according to your preference.
Operation Range
The Hybrex DK2 Blue Tooth Interface is a very low power
radio communication device. The radio communication
range between the DK2 and the Headset is approximately
10 meters. Please keep both units within this range for
best communication performance.
Most headsets will allow you to wear the headset on your
right or left per your preference. Please consult your Blue
Tooth Headset user guide for the setup required.
As high temperature will shorten the battery life, please do
not leave your Headset in an environment with
temperatures over 100ºF or in direct sunlight.
Keep your Headset away from moisture.
To clean, use soft cloth with mild liquid soap to clean the
exterior of your Cordless Headset and phone. DO NOT
use abrasive chemical detergent or material to clean the
DO not attempt to pry open the cover of your Cordless
Headset or change the batteries. Seek assistance from
an AUTHORIZED Hybrex dealer near you.
Auto Telecom guarantees our products (excluding the
batteries) as being free of defects in material, design and
workmanship at the time of original purchase and for a period
of twelve (12) months immediately thereafter.
If, during the warranty period, the products malfunction in
normal use and service (by authorized dealer), Auto
Telecom or its authorized dealer will repair or replace the
defective product at no cost to the original purchaser.
Auto Telecom or its authorized dealer may refuse to
provide free warranty service if any of the following
conditions occurs:
1. The product is adapted, modified, or changed.
2. The product exterior is cracked or broken.
3. The serial number label is tampered with or missing.
4. The product has being misused by the user in any way.
5. The product has not being serviced by a Hybrex
AUTHORSED service agent
Repairs or replacements will neither give any right to
extend the original warranty period nor give any right to
start a new warranty period. Replaced faulty parts or
components will become the property of Auto Telecom.
128 Bit
Technology Type
Blue Tooth
Auto channel hopping
Working range
Up to 10 meters
Talk time
4 hours (headset dependant)
Blue Tooth Version
Blue Tooth Phone
User Guide
Auto Telecom New Zealand Ltd
Ph (09) 268 8214
Fax (09) 268 8389

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