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The system should be based on the industry standard Motorola 68000 processor.
The microprocessor board should be connected to the PC via RS232 connection for the downloading of
programs written in assembly language and C.
Terminal emulation software should also be provided, enabling the system to be used in a
target/development environment.
An applications board should also be supplied allowing interfacing and control principles to be taught.
Full CPU bus signals must be brought out to a 64 way DIN connector, and the following hardware
features should be available:
68000 Microprocessor Board
o 68K CPU 10Mhz.
o Glue logic - CMOS includes two GAL’s.
o Full interrupt implementation as 68020.
o Ten fault switches (6 open circuit, 4 shorts to ground).
o Full CPU bus brought out to 64 way DIN connector.
o EPROM standard 2 x 27256 (should also accept 27128, 27256, 27512).
o RAM standard 16Kbytes, expandable to 512K.
o 68230 PIT - 16 I/O lines
- 8 user defined lines
- 24 bit counter/timer
- full interrupt support.
o 68681 DUAL DUART - 2 x RS232 ports
- 8 output lines
- 3 input lines
- counter timer.
o Hardware reset.
o 9v 1A Power supply included.
o Sturdy book-style case.
o RS232 connecting lead included.
o Four additional manuals provided, plus one training manual.

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