Mitel 4110 User's Manual

Mitel Telephone User's Manual - 4110.
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A range of Handsfree Business Phones to suit every business need

Mitel® Feature Phones provide a range of enhanced functions enabling the individual user

to optimise their use of the powerful Mitel 3000/1000 communications systems.

Is it for you?
With a range of sets including the Mitel 4110
Telephone (8 key button phone), Mitel 4120
Telephone (16 key button phone) and the Mitel 
4100 DSS Console , Mitel has a phone to suit 
all user needs.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of small
business’s, the Mitel range of Feature Phones are
designed with an intuitive user interface. The menu
driven interface guides the user through all system
features, reducing training and ensuring all users
make use of the powerful system features.

How it works
The Mitel range of Feature Phones are line powered
by the phone system and do not require external
power for normal operation.

Additional Options
The Mitel 4120 Telephone (16 key button phone)
may be backlit display when used with the power
supply provided.

A 32 button DSS Console may be added to the 
Mitel 4120 Telephone (16 key button phone) to
provide an additional 32 programmable keys, 
ideal for operator positions.


Business Feature Phones